64 year old scotch fetches $460,000 at auction to benefit Charity:Water

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Nothing will make you choke on your drink and say “ahem, barkeep? I think I got the wrong bill here” quite like an unexpectedly large tab. Especially when it’s for one bottle.

Well prepare yourself for this one; fine scotch magnate The Macallan offered at auction yesterday (and shattered records in the process) a 64-year-old single malt scotch in a crystal Lalique dacanter, all to benefit the super influential organization charity:water. In a 12 city tour leading up to the big auction, The Macallan promoted and auctioned off smaller drams (about 1/8 of an ounce) of this extremely rare whiskey, raising in total $600,000.

While 99.99% of us will never get our hands on a drink this rare or expensive, it’s nice to see it go for a good cause.

So next time your date orders the $18 glass of wine, smile wide and remember; it can always get worse.

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